Prosperity Play Dough Kit

RM 57.00

Comes with Golden Glittery Shimmering Soft Scented Non-Toxic Play Dough.

It features: 

Imperial YELLOW dough - symbolism, power, royalty, and prosperity

Blossom PINK dough - symbolism good fortune and joy

Glittered golden RED dough -  symbolism good luck, joy, happiness and wealthy

Along with 

🧨 DIY lion dance activity

🧨 God of prosperity story stone

🧨 Blossom cheery flower

🧨 YuanBao or sycee (Feng Shui gold ingots)

 🧨 Mandarin oranges

🧨 Pineapple cookie cutter

🧨 Mini red Chinese lantern

Using a well cooked , non-sticky homemade play dough can be helpful for your child who are usually over sensitive to tactile experiences.

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