Mooncake Play Dough Kit

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Play Dough Sensory Play

Mooncake Play Dough

月饼 / 月餅 (Yuè bǐng / Mooncakes) are Chinese desserts enjoyed by families and friends for 中秋节 / 中秋節 (Zhōng qiū jié / Mid Autumn Festival, Moon Festival).

Let’s celebrate this mooncake festival with homemade playdough mooncakes.

Playdough mooncakes are also a great way to practice shaping the dough for real mooncakes! your kids enjoy making the play dough mooncake at the meantime learning about culture as well

Coming together with
3 colours of soft, scented and non-toxic play dough
(Pastel blue, pastel pink and brown color)
6 rolled play dough egg yolk
Hand pressed mooncake mould with 4 different designs

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