Halloween Play Dough Kit

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Play Dough Sensory Play

Halloween Play Dough Kit

Seasonal Halloween Play Dough Kit

Embrace your little one's desire to touch and feel by having this Halloween play dough kit! 

They’ll love feeling their way through it all and creating something “spooky” and cool all at once.

A play dough kit with full of joy and fun and it bring back the basic play dough to life, and it is a fun thing to break out on the weekends or after school as a fun way to play together with seasonal and age-appropriate activity.

Check out our hand crafted 

🧹 Purple Witch play dough jar

🧟 Green Zombie play dough jar

🎃 Orange Jack-O-Lantern play dough jar

These cutie hand crafted play dough jar will certainly excites your little one and be ready to squish and squash and roll those cutely little play dough monsters. 

Coming along with 

🕷 spider + spider web play dough roller and stamp

🦇 bat + spooky trees play dough roller and stamp

witch cauldron, rubbery skeleton, monster eye balls to add your little ones imagination and creativity endless. 

Each play dough jar weight 200gms


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