An Ocean Life Diorama with Cr8tion Arts and Crafts Kit

Last year, we did our first creation kit. 😄 The ocean life kit. 

I was suppose to come out with more themes, but am so caught up with work and kids at home ever since the pandemic. It is such a challenge to juggle. 😭

Ocean Life Activity Kit 2.jpg

So how this kit works? 

It comes along with various clay materials, such as

  • Sandy air dried clay
  • Air harden clay
  • Elastic rubber clay

On top of that, we gather other accessories related to the theme. Eg. this ocean theme which we include seaweed, pebbles, marbles and seashell to compliment your ocean scene.


Ocean Life Activity Kit 5.jpg

Firstly, painted up the background on the art block (provided in the kit as well). Then filled up the sand at the bottom of the sea.

Ocean Life Activity Kit 6.jpg

Next add seashells, seaweed, pebbles & marbles at the bottom of the sea too. 

Ocean Life Activity Kit 7.jpg

You could also add corals too with air dried clay. Lastly, add the colorful fishes by making your very own sea creatures using the elastic rubber clay.

Ocean Life Activity Kit 8.jpg

My 7y.o. boy saw the finished craft he loves it so much and requested me to do again with him. 🤣

He was so proud of his masterpiece...and in fact he asked me to do more themes. So sorry mommy was too overwhelmed with you and your little sister at home! 😬 🙄 

We will and are planning more themes with this kit with Aunty Yee Leng. Finger crossed 🤞.

Here is up closed of his masterpiece 😀 😃 😄 His crab is just too cute!!!

We did a video on this craft making too. Here is the link if you would like to watch.

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