The story of little Joan with MyPlaySchoolatHome

The story of little Joan with MyPlaySchoolatHome

Little Joan was looking forward to starting playschool but has been stuck at home since the start of the pandemic. 

Mummy and daddy are busy working from home, and her kor kor (brother) is busy with his online classes too. Little Joan is accompanied by Youtube mostly, and unfortunately is feeling lonely and has started throwing tantrums, seeking for connection. 

Mummy feels guilty and clueless on how to nurture little Joan’s learning at home, while balancing her work commitments. One day, mummy came across teacher Sarah’s creative video lessons. 

She showed them to little Joan, and little Joan started to enjoy playing and doing craft with teacher Sarah. Joan also loved the music lessons with teacher Amanda, and kinesthetic phonics lessons with teacher Cass. 

Little Joan’s mood has improved and she can now play and eat independently. She busies herself with her video lessons, smiling while she expresses her creativity, plays her percussion instruments and even during her special ‘zumba’ sessions! 

She also started sharing her toys with kor kor, playing catch and even lets kor kor join her in her weekly interactive music lessons. Every night, little Joans bonds with mummy and daddy by telling them her favourite activity of the day and gives them a big tight hug. 

What was the solution for little Joan’s mummy?

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